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    never having to wash or fill your car again

  • A personal concierge

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Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance.

COVID19 UPDATE - Carcierge services for vehicle maintenance and servicing are still operational. Our staff employ a contactless process and adhere to all stringent health and cleanliness guideliness. Please contact the team if you have any queries. 

A subscription to Carcierge provides members and their households year-round access to a personal concierge to manage, maintain, and carry out all associated tasks with their vehicles.
Your personal concierge, for your personal vehicles.
You will never need to wash or fill your car again!

Servicing and Maintenance

Carcierge ensures that all scheduled and incidental vehicle servicing and repairs are undertaken on time. We personally pick up and return your vehicles to your home or offices, eliminating costly disruptions to your day.


Carcierge handles all administrative duties associated with your vehicles We provide peace of mind by ensuring timely processing of registration renewals, insurance quotes/policies/claims, toll accounts etc.

Emergencies, Detailing and Cleaning

Carcierge can assist with any vehicular emergency you might encounter including supervision of towing, storage, repairs, locksmiths etc. We can also arrange repair to all minor damage such as paint chips, scuffed wheels, upholstery damage etc. Your vehicles will be regularly cleaned and refuelled.

Managing your collection

It doesn't matter if you have one or ten, we know your vehicles are important to you. Our team manage all facets of your fleet, contact us to find out more.

The Carcierge Mission

We are Melbourne's premier automotive concierge service and seek to provide dedicated, personal service to our select clientelle. It is our goal to be able to manage any request, query or issue you have with your vehicles in a timely and discrete manner.


  • “With our teenage children turning into young adults, we now have 5 cars in the family - and I simply do not have time to make sure they are all looked after to be both safe, relible and also saleable! The service from Carcierge has meant I literally don't need to think about the cars. Everything is just done. It's perfect.”
    LG, Toorak
  • “Selling cars has always been something I avoid and I often take a lower price from a dealer just to avoid the process. Michael from Carcierge recently managed a sale for me and as well as dealing with the process from start to finish, was able to secure a sale price more then $6K over what the dealer offered. Membership paid for in one transaction - fantastic!”
    BG, Kew
  • “The majority of my week day time is spent in surgery, I simply do not have time to arrange anything to do with my cars. With Carcierge, I drive to work in the morning and when I leave for the day, the car has been cleaned, scratches fixed, tyres changed - anything and everything, and it was like he was never there.”
    KM, South Yarra
  • "I'm on the go a lot and Carcierge makes it easy to simply have one number to call for anything to do with the cars. If I'm travelling they arrange an airport transfer, if I need something it just gets done, even if I just need a hand with something, one call gets things moving. I don't know how I managed without them."
    JT, Albert Park