How does a Carcierge membership work?

Members pay an annual fee to join, which rolls over each year on the due date.
Expenses such as fuel, washes, services, parts, repairs or any incidental spending is invoiced monthly.
We hold onto your spare key, so we have access to your vehicles and don’t bother you throughout your busy day. We pride ourselves on being discreet and efficient, and for the most part, you won’t even see us.
We create a Whatsapp or text group for you that includes your Operations team, through which you request any service you need. We are quick to respond, and will also proactively reach out to you to check if we can be of service.
Alternatively, you can arrange a standing appointment - for example, every Wednesday between 12pm - 2pm, you would like your car picked up from your office to be washed and fuelled… We work around your needs and your schedule.
We create a calendar of those important dates such as registration, insurance and licence renewals. You can arrange for us to either remind you, or pay these on your behalf so you will never miss another due date, and we simply pop that cost onto your monthly invoice.
We do the research and work for you. From finding the best insurance policies, to lodging claims, arranging services, repairs, transport or storage, we do it all for you. Don’t spend another minute on annoying paperwork.

Why Choose a Carcierge Membership

One annual yearly fee covers you and your household - this means your partner and children’s vehicles are also looked after, giving you peace of mind that your family is driving safe vehicles.
We are a convenient, time saving service which gives you back your time.
We save you money. We have access to an extensive network of suppliers and repairers, and all Carcierge members benefit from our trade pricing. Never be ripped off by another mechanic again!
We are a full service business. Meaning anything you can think of relating to your vehicles, we take care of on your behalf. We work, so you don’t have to.
We understand cars. Simple as that.


Membership to Carcierge is a single annual subscription.

This allows you unlimited access all year round. Third party costs related to work carried out (in most cases with the benefit of our trade pricing) are invoiced monthly.

Contact us for more information and to further understand the value we can provide.