How We Care For Your Cars

As a member of Carcierge, you know that everything relating to your vehicles is taken care of. But have you ever wondered exactly what we do every time we collect your car? Even if we are simply refuelling, washing and returning it straight back to you, our trained team at Carcierge always runs an experienced eye over your vehicle to ensure it’s being kept in its optimal condition.

Proper vehicle maintenance is something we are very proud of, and not only will it help your cars enjoy a longer, healthier lifespan and improve your resale value; most importantly, it ensures you and your passengers are safe while on the road.

To give you a little insight into our attention to detail and service we are renowned for, we have compiled a short ‘behind the scenes’ look of how we care for your cars:

Inspection and Testing Checklist

Not only do our operations team listen, feel and notice any changes to the driving performance of your vehicle while they are on the road, but every time we have your car we also thoroughly inspect it. We slowly walk around your vehicle looking for body damage, dents, paint scratches or scuffs – anything at all that shouldn’t be there.

We inspect your tyres for tread wear, punctures, nails or cuts, and we test locks, windows, sunroofs, and your key fob to ensure the battery is still going strong. Your windshield, wipers and mirrors are inspected for wear, cracks or damage.

Then we test the headlights, brake lights, and check that all necessary signals are in working order; and of course check under the bonnet to ensure fluids are topped up. Checking and topping up fluids is vital to the health of your car, and we take note of the level and also the colour of the oil to ensure there is no presence of contaminants or sludge. While doing so, we also check the level and quality of the power steering, transmission and engine coolant fluids and look at the hoses and belts for signs of wear.

Once our external inspection is complete, we jump into the driver’s seat and check all interior lights and switches, and quickly test the air conditioning and heating is working properly and efficiently; and then look over the dash to look for any flashing warning lights.

Some people may call us excessive or OCD, and we admit, it does sound like a major operation to do these types of checks every time we have your car – especially given the fact we often have your vehicles once a week or more – but the Operations team have gotten these inspections down to a fine art and can complete one in under ten minutes.

A more thorough inspection is undertaken each time you are booked in for a service or repair by professional mechanics, however, we hope that by doing these checks whenever we have your car gives you greater peace of mind, and enables us to find and report any issue before it becomes a major (and more costly) problem to fix.

Check Your Tyres

On top of the visual inspection of your tyres, we check the tyre pressure and adjust when needed. Tyre pressure can impact your fuel economy and compromise your driving comfort and handling, but most importantly again – your safety, so to us here at Carcierge, it’s a huge priority.

We also keep an eye out for when your tyres need to be rotated and balanced and ensure this is booked in and completed when required to help even out wear and extend the life of your tyres.

Check Your Battery

Your car battery is one of the most important components required for it to run. It’s a no brainer that if your battery is dead, you aren’t going to get very far! Regular battery testing is part of our usual routine, to ensure you never run flat; and we also look at the battery terminals for signs of corrosion or mineral build-up.

Use Only Trusted Suppliers and Products

We understand how precious your car is to you, and our one job is to keep it pristine and perfect. That means only using the best suppliers and products. Every person that touches your vehicle – from a car wash attendant to a service repairer – has been carefully vetted by the Carcierge team. We work with only the best, and they use only the best products and parts on your vehicles.

The Right Fuel

Keeping in line with only using the best for your car, we make sure we fill it up with the correct octane of fuel to ensure the best drive performance and fuel efficiency.

As you are driving your car every day, you may not be aware of the little changes to its drive handling, performance or appearance – it’s completely natural to become blind to what is right in front of you as you go about your busy schedule. But for us, in everything we do – we are sticklers for attention to detail.

We are hyper-vigilant, knowledgeable and pride ourselves on being the caretakers of your cars. With Carcierge looking after the maintenance and ensuring we complete the above checklists and follow our exceptional service standards, we can promise that your car is always running at its best.

The way our team works collaboratively together – with the sole purpose of giving you and your cars personal and premium attention and service – is one of the best advantages of being a Carcierge member. You can trust that we will always be passionate, responsible, reliable, and stick to our goals of keeping your cars in peak condition inside, outside and under the hood. That means the only thing you need to do, is enjoy your ride…

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